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Project Description

Client: Boarding School
Location: location
Number of Ducts: More than 50
Year Completed: 2014
Time to Completion: 5 Days

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The Challenges

Of all the dryer vent cleaning jobs we have done in the past this one is a top 3 most arduous and strategic jobs we have accomplished. The job required the cleaning of 50+ dryer ducts and dryers throughout campus including dorms, school sports/fitness laundry rooms, and both residential homes and condo living. The difficulty was not only determining what ducts went to what dryer, but working with both staff and residents in order to obtain access to the residence for proper cleaning of the dryer itself as well as all duct work unreachable from the exterior of the building. Many of the dryers had not been cleaned and years and contained so much lint and dust that there was zero air flow coming from the exterior vent cap for these ducts. The cleanings were long and extremely messy compared to other dryers we have done in the past. But in the end we were able to clean all the dryers and ducts as well as make any repairs that were required. Since the completion of the job we have been back on many occasions to do other various duct cleaning work.

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