Nursing Home

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Project Description

Client: Nursing Home
Location: Fall River, MA
Number of Vents: Over 160
Year Completed: 2014
Time to Completion: 5 Days

The Challenges

160+ bathroom exhaust vents and inspection of all fire dampers for proper working mechanicals. Before we began the job a game plan was required to determine how we were going to clean a maze of 160+ exhaust vents that spans 4 floors and exited out the roof. The process took 5 days of going up and down, turning fans on and off, and talking back and forth with radios to determine what blower moved air to each exhaust. The difficulty in this was the lack of room for air to flow. The 4”x6” exhausts were so clogged there was only about a golf ball sized amount of space for air to travel. After using a series of whips with compressed air and a HEPA vacuum, each exhaust vent was cleaned from bathroom to roof,providing fast easy flow of air and a very satisfied client.

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