OB-GYN Offices

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Project Description

Client: OB/GYN Office
Location: Providence, RI
Number of Units: 7
Year Completed: 2014
Time to Completion: 5 Days

The Challenges

This duct cleaning project was one of our toughest to date based on the number of units, time, location, and atmosphere of work. Having 7 units, after hours (6pm-12pm), downtown city on the 5th floor, and being a medical office requiring the utmost attention into keeping not only ducts but surrounding surfaces spotless, it was quite a project to undertake. The busy city atmosphere made it very difficult to keep equipment out and accessible while the 5 story climb made it even more difficult to bring equipment up and down as well as run compressed air hoses from the street to the OB/GYN offices. After the day of walking the large office and determining what duct work went to what unit we finally came up with a game plan to get the job done. Moving from room to room, using drop cloths and plastic to cover every inch of counter and beds we were able to clean every inch of duct work and units without leaving a spot of dust in or out of the ducts. At the end of our time there the entire staff had nothing but thanks and appreciation for what we had done for them.

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